About Us:

We are a 100% volunteer run organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs.

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona. We have no shelter facility, all of our dogs are in foster homes.

We receive no government funding and rely upon fundraising and your generous donations to pay our expenses.

Please consider making a donation to help us in our cause.

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About Furry Smiles Animal Rescue

Our Mission Statement

At Furry Smiles Animal Rescue of Maricopa County our mission is two-fold; to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats and dogs, and to educate pet owners and the community about the importance of animal welfare. Our goal is to unite loving, compassionate individuals and families with a cat and/or dog in need of their forever-home.

More about Us

My name is Desiree and I am the founder of Furry Smiles Animal Rescue of Maricopa County. I began working with animals 9 years ago; and it has truly been a labor of love. After Years of work rescuing and helping animals find loving homes during my free time; I realized that I could reach out to more animals in need and educate my community by starting my own rescue.

My husband and I are dedicated to the welfare of the animals and through our efforts we have rescued, rehabilitated and found forever-homes for over 100 cats and dogs in Maricopa County. Furry Smiles Animal Rescue of Maricopa does not receive any government support for our organization. If you would like to assist us in our mission, tax-deductible donations are always welcome.

What we DO

We rescue unwanted and homeless cats and dogs-from shelters, owners who cannot care for their companion pets or strays that roam the streets. Since we currently do not own our own kennel facility we foster the animals we take in. We rehabilitate those who need extra care, and all of our rescues are spayed or neutered and given proper medical attention prior to moving into their forever-home. We also take the time and groom the dogs/cats to enhance the chances of their adoption.

We hope to address our second mission of educating pet owners and our community in the near future. We envision partnering with a local business to host adoption events, and participating in local community fairs to educate and spread the word about “ADOPTION being the ONLY OPTION” when it comes to bringing a companion dog or cat into your family.

How you can HELP

There are many ways that you can help us create more happy endings for our loveable, companion pets. If you are in no position to adopt at this time, please consider volunteering. We can always use your help with fostering a cat/dog in need while they are in transition to their forever home. Perhaps you may consider walking the dogs, promoting them at local adoption events, or raising precious funds for sick and injured animals that arrive on our doorstep. And of course, please make adoption your first choice when looking for a new member of your family. Avoid breeders, and pet stores that exploit and profit. ALWAYS visit your local shelter or rescue group to adopt. Maricopa County states that shelters are only required to keep cats/dogs for six days. YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE!

There’s always a lot to be done. If you’d like to help us, send an email to Desiree at desireebeadles@yahoo.com or contact us through our online form.

If you have a story or picture to share about one of the puppies or dogs of Furry Smiles Animal Rescue, send an email to Desiree at desireebeadles@yahoo.com with the details to have it posted on our site. Our volunteers and adopters love to hear about your happy tails!